Something is Brewing…Why We Changed (And Will Keep Changing)

Posted by Creative Media on Sep 19, 2019 11:33:23 AM

You might have noticed a change down Creative Media way: an entirely new service on our website and a new colleague in our team. It’s all come about through a little soul-searching, a lot of caffeine and more than a bit of listening.

What goes on? And why? Well, after 20 years of web, brand and design success – after all, our awards shelf is growing and our tiny client turnover shrinking away – we heard our clients when they told us they needed help to take the next step with their new brand or website by making it perform online in a sales focused way.

So, our Inbound Marketing service was born and a tamed content writer found to run Creative Media’s inbound wizardry. This offers our clients advanced content marketing strategy, tools and techniques with lead generation in mind. We’ve also become a HubSpot partner agency to give the option of a superb, all-in-one platform to supercharge their performance marketing investment.

But what is inbound marketing? Simply a marketing technique designed, when delivered with a little know-how, to deliver 3.5 x more traffic and 4.5 x more leads.
Inbound wheel

The whole process of introducing inbound as a new service led us to give a lot of thought to the ‘why’ of making changes to an already (very) established and trusted business:

Reason 1: Same Journey, New Destination

Many clients and friends worldwide already come to us for a range of expertise in design, web and brand. They know every person here by name (we’re a small team where everyone deals direct with the customer). Were we right to risk rocking the boat? Well, since everything we do falls within the marketing space, the way we see it expert support to align brand and design with sales makes for a more complete journey from ‘concept to cart’ for our customers.

It means we can deliver a four step service for existing and new clients. Put simply, we can now: 1, Develop a ‘concept to cart’ strategy linked to a client's business goals; 2, Make sure they're properly branded and fully engaged online; 3, Develop personas and content strategy based on the RoI they need PLUS use specialist campaigns, and; 4, Create professional content made to spark conversations AND conversions.

Let’s pause for a second to talk strategy. We believe in working from an integrated design, brand, web and marketing strategy. We also believe in taking a long, hard look at where a business could be as a starting point. That’s because this ‘big picture’ view is often missing in the digital world but is the key to RoI and driving growth.


Reason 2: Growing Clients

And we don’t just mean the actual client list (which is growing too). Our clients are more and more ambitious and often want to commit to the latest methods to drive their business success. Expert use of inbound, combined with spectacular content, design, brand and web expertise, is the greatest advancement in marketing we have seen in decades of professional experience.

Why? Here’s one company who achieved a 5 x increase in sales in just five weeks to explain in their own words.



Reason 3: Change Happens

Put simply, we always want to find new ways to help customers. That's why we'll continue to one eye on the future on their behalf. Expect more announcements in the future and more results-driven, strategic thinking for clients who are determined to grow with us.

But one great big overriding reason to change what we do? Most of all, we simply enjoy it. We love bringing a business to life through its brand, and love that we can now help it soar through the right content delivered in the right way.

All in all, for our clients something is certainly brewing. And we have some limited capacity for those who want to join the adventure with us.

It all starts with a coffee, or Zoom call, and one question: how can we make 2020 your biggest ever year?

Book an appointment with our Managing Director to explore what your business could be.


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