Announcing: The People's Independent Principality of Omagh

Posted by Creative Media on Dec 19, 2019 2:04:47 PM

Let’s face it, the news makes very little sense these days and most of us have given up keeping track of fake deals, faker news and – most of all – our own wee region being left abandoned and looking like a forgotten game of SimCity.

So we decided to invent our own version of the news instead...


CM flagToday Floor Three, Tomorrrow the World?

Introducing The People’s Independent Principality of Omagh, a nation state based entirely on the third floor of our building in rural County Tyrone (satnav directions: turn at the third tractor on the left).

Let’s meet the government:

Head of State: Marcus Isherwood/ Managing Director – Marcus’s first act as the Grand Dutchy of Creative Media was to make running obligatory, promote remote working and ban meetings before 9am. Marcus’s keen commercial instincts have led to great peace and prosperity in the region, much needed after the Great Tea Kitty Dispute of 2005. His official birthday is celebrated with free packets of Tayto crisps for all.

Marcus explained his great love for the territory under his rule: “We’re based on Omagh because it’s a stunning area, it means we can do ‘big city work at small town prices’ and – most of all – you can’t fit a nation state in a removal lorry.”

Nigel Morrison: Minister for Creative Industries/ Creative Director – A man with an eye for detail and also officially in charge of useless facts. The nation has yet to find any purpose for these facts, but supposes this is what makes them useless facts.

Stephen Ferris: Head of Visual Arts/ Senior Designer – Mac wrangler Stephen believes design makes the world go wrong, despite protests from the Treasury to the contrary. Always happy to talk design. And talk, and talk, and talk…

Rachael Leckey: Artist Laureate/ Illustrator – A style icon with meticulous flair and an analytical eye. Makes the entire Cabinet look 20% more fashionable just by being in the same room.

Donna Strain: Project Manager/ Programmer & Web Developer – Donna has a simple approach to planning….’get it done’. A technical guru who throws code and demolishes ‘to do’ lists.

Stephen McAleer: Coding Ambassador/ Web Developer & Multimedia Designer – A fixer with a long fuse and a quiet but nuclear-powered worth ethic.

Niall Donnelly: Official Influencer/ Graphic Designer – YouTube star, the (singing) voice of the People’s Independent Principality of Omagh and all-round adventurer. Like James Hunt except with a mountain bike and a bit more Omaghy.

Claire Martin: Literary Attaché/ Copywriter – An eco-warrior with a love of animals, Claire’s famous wordsmithy talent is sought after from Fintona to GB and the USA.

Clare Donnelly: Art Tsar/ Designer – Hailing from the mysterious, distant ‘Magherafelt’ and greatly respected as a distance runner. Brings an eye for travel and natural design skill to the PIPO table.

Conor Johnston: Foreign Office/ Content Marketer – A remotely-based official who has forsaken the bright lights of Omagh to create an Embassy in distant County Antrim, where he runs a content publishing operation on behalf of the Principality.

Oisín Ó Murchú: Online Svengali/ Digital Marketer – A Gaeilgeoir who advises the People’s Independent Principality of Omagh on all manner of digital dark arts. Formerly a Belfast resident but slowly recovering in the more civilised climes of County Down.

To enter talks with our government about using our influence* and skills in strategy, brand, web and content to grow your business, click below to contact Marcus.

*Bribes only accepted in biscuit or cake form.



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